LYVISPAH demonstrated bioequivalence to oral baclofen tablets1,2
Oral baclofen: Nearly 50 years of demonstrating a favorable risk-benefit analysis in patients with spasticity
In open-label studies, patients taking baclofen demonstrated an improvement in spasticity symptoms:
  • For 70% to 86% of patients with MS and 80% to 87% of patients with SCI
In randomized placebo-controlled trials of oral baclofen, patients with MS showed improved symptom control:
  • Significantly more patients with MS had improved muscle tone: 55% to 72% vs 0 to 17.4%
  • Significantly more patients with MS had improved spasm frequency: 42% to 72% vs 6.3% to 16%
MS: multiple sclerosis; SCI: spinal cord injury.
Customized dosing for individual patient needs
  • Provides flexible dosing, as it comes in 5 mg, 10 mg, and 20 mg single-dose packets of flavored granules that are easy to transport2
  • Rapidly dissolving flavored granules provide an alternative for patients with spasticity who also have difficulty swallowing pills1
  • Conveniently stored at room temperature, providing an added benefit to patients on-the-go2
How to prescribe LYVISPAH
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